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Rainforest Conservation

An introduction from our Centre Co-ordinator

“Welcome to Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, the last surviving example of the rainforest habitat that once covered the Blackall Range. Although the Reserve is relatively small (just 55ha) it contains many interesting species of plant and animal, some of which are unique to Mary Cairncross. Maintaining the biodiversity of the area is an ongoing challenge. Please help us by respecting the forest during your visit and remember –

Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

Our Reserve is what is known as an “ecological island”, meaning there are no vegetation paths or habitat links between Mary Cairncross and other nearby forest remnants. While independent assessments have shown that our plant life is in good health, less is known about our animals. It seems that some terrestrial animals that were once present in the Reserve have now departed including the long-nosed potoroo and rufous bettong. Other animals may become threatened over time including the red-legged pademelon. The bird population is diverse due to nearby habitat but once again they may be threatened by further habitat fragmentation. Our Management Plan aims to protect the reserve and its biodiversity for future generations to enjoy, and includes the following objectives:

  • Development of partnerships with local landholders and conservation groups in developing off-reserve conservation programs;
  • Exploring opportunistic land acquisition for buffer and habitat corridor creation;
  • Establishing a vegetation link between the main Reserve and the Annexe; and
  • Instituting traffic calming on Mountain View Road.

I hope you enjoy your visit and learn more about what makes our forest so special. Please make a donation to support our conservation work and, if you live locally, consider joining our excellent rainforest volunteer programme. I look forward to meeting you at Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve.”

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