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Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

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Welcome to the natural jewel of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve comprises 55 hectares of subtropical rainforest overlooking the Glass House Mountains National Landscape. A remnant of the rainforests that once covered the Blackall Range, the Reserve is a living museum of diverse plant and animal life which will delight with its tranquillity and beauty.

Take a relaxing walk along our rainforest tracks from 7am to 6pm (Gold Coin donation appreciated). Entry to the new after hours rainforest track is located on the right at the bike racks in front of the Rainforest Discovery Centre.

Make the most of your visit to the Reserve

mary cairncross visitor centre Outside
  • Enjoy our wheelchair accessible Glider Gallery walk through the forest to the second level of the Rainforest Discovery Centre. Families will enjoy a day in the forest on the stroller friendly walking tracks.
  • Make the most of our Rainforest Discovery Centre with your school or
    community group, all schools and organised groups must pre-book their visit.
  • Take a pre-booked guided walk with one of our dedicated volunteer guides.
  • Enjoy a picnic or barbeque in the picnic shelters adjoining the playground

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is committed to conserving and enhancing the natural habitat of the area, and providing a valued community resource for education, research, recreation and enjoyment.

Please be aware that dogs (except for disability companions) and cats are not permitted anywhere in the Reserve.

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