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Brilliant Birds

Brilliant Birds

Who's that calling?... songs from the rainforest

As you enter this sub-tropical rainforest, you will hear the collective sounds of many Sunshine Coast rainforest birds, especially early in the morning during spring. With a little patience, they can be closely observed.

Bird Viewing Precautions

As the Reserve is a bird sanctuary, it is crucial that they be protected from human interference. Close proximity or prolonged nest viewing may cause eggs or chicks to be abandoned by distressed parent birds. Do not stand too near or touch any nests. Photograph with a zoom lens from a distance. Purposeful tampering or interference with wildlife in the Reserve is an offence.

Click the links for more information on some of the birds that you might encounter:

1. Yellow-throated scrubwren
2. Eastern yellow robin
3. Rufous fantail
4. Golden whistler
5. Eastern whipbird
6. Noisy pitta
7. Regent bowerbird
8. Emerald dove
9. Rose-crowned fruit dove
10. Green catbird
11. Paradise riflebird
12. Wompoo fruit-dove
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