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The Rainforest

A significant ecological island

The Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve is a 55 hectare remnant of the subtropical rainforest (complex notophyll vine forest) that previously covered the southern end of the Blackall Range and valleys on the west side of the range. The Reserve is currently an ecological island with no continuous habitat linkages to other nearby remnants.

Although it is currently in good condition, it is presumed that some terrestrial (land dwelling) animals were present in the Reserve and are now extinct here (e.g. long-nosed potoroo and rufous bettong). Other animals may become threatened over time including the red-legged pademelon.

Because of the surrounding grazing land, Eucalypt forest and rainforest remnant habitats the avian (bird) population using the reserve is diverse but, once again, this diversity may be threatened by further fragmentation of bushland in the surrounding area.

On a national scale, it is significant in being one of the few remnants of subtropical rainforest growing in optimum conditions on flat deep basalt soils in a high rainfall area.

These links below provide more details on the flora and fauna in the reserve, and are only a small sample of what makes Mary Cairncross so special to visitors and locals alike.

Rainforest RegenerationPrecious PlantsAmazing AnimalsBrilliant BirdsBush Tucker Guide

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