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The Rainforest

How Long Is Mary Cairncross Walk?

How Long Is Mary Cairncross Walk? How Long Does It Take?

Our rainforest remnant features over 2 kilometres of tranquil walking tracks, boardwalks and viewing platforms. Note that only some tracks are accessible by wheelchair. The map below gives a guide to the walking trails – pick up a copy at the desk when you visit the Education Centre or click on the map below to download it as a PDF document.

The main rainforest track is open from 7am to 6pm daily.

The hike should take around 1.25 hrs to complete.

 Length: 2km

 Duration: 1.25 hrs

How Long Is Mary Cairncross Walk

 Grade: 2

 Style: Return

 Start: 186 Mountain View Rd

 End: 25 Mary Cairncross Ave

 Location: Mary Cairncross Reserve

 Closest town: Maleny


 From state capital: 91km

 Longitude: 152.880254

 Latitude: -26.777741


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